I am a textile designer and weaver, based in Borås but with strong ties to my hometown Stockholm, exploring the limits of woven structures.
During my foundation year at HV skola I developed a keen interest in bindings and structures, and in my subsequent BA and MA at the Swedish School of Textiles I learned how to combine my handweaving skills with digital tools and industrial machines. What follows is an ongoing search into the weave structure as programmable, smart system of horizontals and verticals. How can it be pushed, as a construction technique?
My MA degree work Woven Change, Shifting Expressions explores this in form of a changeable structure, shifting transparency, pattern and colours. It was awarded by Ung Svensk Form 2023, with the judges comments:
Well-crafted, subtle woven elements attract attention as they exude high-tech, while still being analogue. Decorative graphic patterns that change through light manipulation and manual power. A solid, clever, keen-eyed design piece that takes textile weaving into the future.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or requests!

2020 - 2022   Master of Fine Arts, Textile Design, The Swedish School of Textiles, Borås
2017 - 2020   Bachelor of Fine Arts, Textile Design, The Swedish School of Textiles, Borås
2016 - 2017   Textile Foundation Year, Handarbetets Vänner Skola, Stockholm
2015 - 2016   Bookbinding, Leksands Folkhögskola

2023    One and Twenty Winner, German Design Council
2023    Stockholm Furniture Fair Scholarship for Ung Svensk Form
2022    Renewer of the Year Honorary Award, Föreningen för Svenskt Hemslöjd
2022    Award from Ellos for Woven Change, Shifting Expressions
2022    Award from Chhatwal & Jonsson for Woven Change, Shifting Expressions
2020    Shifty Weaves shortlisted for Première Vision NextGen Awards

2023    One and Twenty, German Design Council, Milan Design Week 
2023    New Power Plants, Studio L2, Stockholm
2023    Ung Svensk Form, IKEA museum, Älmhult
2023    Ung Svensk Form, Stockholm Furniture Fair
2022    Looking Forward, Design Perron, Dutch Design Week
2022    Looking Forward at BASE, Milan Design Week
2022    Looking Forward (Exit), Textilmuseet, Borås
2022    DRAFTS, Berlin Design Week
2021    Material Meetings, Form Design Center, Malmö
2020    Exi(s)t, Dutch Design Week virtual exhibition
2020    Textile Matters, Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture Fair
2018    Knits, Textilmuseet, Borås
2017    HV Textilt Basår, Detroit, Stockholm
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